Amalia                                                    Belly Dance Artist. Philadelphia
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About Amalia
Amalia is a belly dance artist located in Haverford, Pennsylvania, just west of Philadelphia.

She has appeared at venues and dance events along the East Coast and in her home state of California. Her energetic and dynamic performances have captivated audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Her love of and commitment to Middle Eastern dance and desire to share her enthusiasm has made her a highly respected and sought after performer and instructor.

Highlights of her past performances include the debut of Greta Larson's Soulify concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Belly Dance Superstars show in Philadelphia, Rakkasah Middle Eastern dance festival in both New Jersey and California, Haverford Heritage Festival, and World Cafe Live. In 2010 Amalia was chosen as one of 25 contestants from around the world to compete in the first season of Project Belly Dance.

Amalia has taught classes throughout the Philadelphia area, including Swarthmore College and the Haverford Township Adult School.

Currently Amalia is focusing on staged shows, live music performances, and parties, events and festivals in the Haverford area. Though she is always open to new artistic endeavors and opportunities, regardless of the distance. 

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